Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Ares uses the latest 3D CAD systems to design parts and complex systems. This allows for the analysis and optimisation of parts before a single item is manufactured.

Mechanical fits and tolerances can be checked, functions and movements of parts can be simulated, parts can undergo structural or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and part or system weights can be determined.

Production drawings, marketing images and video can be produced to communicate your design ideas to your customers.


cargo hook analysis
Cargo hook. Stress analysis
High Content Screening fluorescence microscope design
HCS Fluorescence microscope design
LED ring light - darkfield for machine vision microscope
LED dark field machine vision light
Cargo hook design exploded assembly
Cargo hook design exploded assembly
High Content Screening fluorescence microscope optical path design
HCS microscope optical design
High power LED underwater light
High power LED underwater light
Helicopter cargo hook visualisation
Helicopter cargo hook visualisation
Automated HCS fluorescence microscope system
Automated HCS Microscope System
Automated high precision saw for aluminium extrusion
2 Axis servo controlled saw design


In most cases it is useful to have a physical representation of a component or product for evaluation.


This can range from a non functional mock-up to a fully functional prototype for product testing.


ARES Industrial Design can produce mock-ups and prototype parts in a range of materials including engineering plastics, foams, aluminium and various steels using processes such as CNC milling, routing, turning and 3D printing

UDrill Prototype 16mm CCGT insert
Prototype Udrill for CCGT insert
CAM toolpath for CNC machining of part
CAM toolpath for CNC machining of part

Design for Manufacture

Understanding how the product will be manufactured and assembled is very important.


Understanding how to design a component to meet the requirements of the intended manufacturing or assembly process is something learned from experience. Every process has it's strengths and it's limitations.


ARES Industrial Design has the experience and extensive process knowledge to ensure that components can be manufactured as intended in the most cost effective manner.


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