ARES Industrial Design, provides CNC routing and cutting services to businesses across Ireland.

We offer precision routing and cutting of a wide selection of materials including MDF, plywood, hardwood, aluminium, plastic and foam. We utilise the latest CNC technology, to provide you with market leading precision, tolerances and surface finish.

Whether it's a one off prototype part or a 5000 piece production run, ARES are happy to help with your project.

Our heavy duty CNC router has a working envelope of 2500mm x 1250mm x 90mm

Sphere shelf CNC machined from 12mm MDF
Sphere shelf 12mm MDF
Doubler plates CNC machined from 2.5mm thick Aluminium
Aluminium Plates
CNC machined custom case foam inserts
Custom CNC machined case foam inserts
CNC Routed 1m Diameter MDF Rings
1m Diameter MDF Rings
Hook plates CNC machined from 6mm thick Aluminium plate
Aluminium Hook Plates
CNC machined foam plug for fibreglass mould making
CNC machined foam plug for fibreglass mould making
CNC cut lettering and signs
CNC cut lettering for indoor and outdoor signs
CNC Machined foam inserts for product sample cases.
CNC Machined foam inserts for sample cases.
CNC cut furniture parts, knock together tabbed stool or chair design
CNC Prototype Furniture

ARES Industrial Design, provides a low volume / prototype CNC milling and turning service for precision machining of various steels, stainless steel, aluminium alloys and engineering plastics.

The working envelope of our CNC mill is 400mm x 300mm x 500mm.

The working envelope of our CNC lathe is 150mm Diameter x 150mm Length

CNC milling hex clamp system
CNC Milling prototype parts
CNC Milling press tool plate in 25mm thick steel plate
CNC Milling press tool plate.

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